TIGER Takedown and Putup Policies

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Takedown policy page information

The project has endeavoured to ensure appropriate permissions have been gathered for the OERs however if a user would like to make a complaint a removal policy for material is available (Take Down policy). To make a complaint you will need to email tiger@dmu.ac.uk with the following details: your name, the name of the OER, the specific material within the OER, and details of your complaint. See the diagram below which visually explains the process.

TakeDown Flowchart

TIGER Take Down Policy (adapted from OER Put-up and Take-down Guidelines by the OTTER Project available at http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/beyond-distance-research-alliance/projects/otter/documentation/Put-up-take-down-guidelines.pdf under a Creative Commons BY NC SA licence).

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