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Student Preparation for Interprofessional Learning

(The term student in these materials refers to a learner at undergraduate or post-graduate study at a Higher Education Institution; a college student; and or a practitioner undertaking continuous professional learning)

We are all different

As a student you will approach your learning in your own way. All students learn in different ways partly because they have different backgrounds, perspectives and outlooks on life and different motivations for learning. In addition to being different because of your histories, you all differ in your enjoyment of different disciplines; some students have preferred the disciplines of science while others the arts.

For these reasons you have chosen different professional training courses. Some of you are aiming to join health professions while others social care, policing, or education, etc. As you commence academic study for your chosen profession you will begin to take on that professions value base. This combines with a process of socialisation within a professional group which quickly begins to frame the way you see the world. When you take part in interprofessional education there will be many reasons to listen to each other as you make sense of all of these differences and how they will apply to your professional practice.

What is interprofessional Education (IPE)? Where and how will it take place?

Can you think what we really mean by this term?

Start by asking yourself what does ‘inter’ mean…..? what is a profession….?

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Why is it important?

Caring for people with complex health and social care problems requires many different professions to work together.

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What is your attitude towards interprofessional learning (IPL)?

How do you value interprofessional learning? Do you look forward to these events?

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Team Learning: Top Tips for approaching interprofessional learning

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