Learning for students working together on care of the elderly wards and or rehabilitation units. The Leicester Model is applied in the design of this ward based learning.

In these materials the word 'patient' is used to describe anyone recieving health care or social support

We present materials for small group learning on the wards (from 2 days minimum to more extended periods e.g a week). The learning is relevant for the student profession e.g medical and nursing (hands on caring activities); medical and pharmacy (examination of polypharmacy)

In addition there are materials relevant to all who work in rehabilitation eg. therapists, nursing, medical, social work e.t.c. These relate to two films: Mr Kirby (designed to understand aim A) and Mr King (designed to understand aim B).

We show these films in hospital teaching suites. Students could be directed to complete the learning tasks alone or in any classroom situation. We direct you to the peer reviewed article on some of this work:
Anderson, ES. & Thorpe, LN. (2010). Learning Together: An Interprofessional Education Programme to Appreciate Team Work. Clinical Teacher,7,19-25.



To explore the nature of interprofessional teams and team working, where different professionals work together on transitions of care including the discharge process.

a) to understand interprofessional decesion making for patients moving along their care pathway.

B) Teamworking with hospital in-patients who have complex health problems e.g stroke

Preparation - Working Together on Wards

Patient Care

Learning on Stroke - Mr King

Learning on Elderly: Discharge - Mr Kirby