Ideally professionally mixed student groups (n=4-6) max total 36-42.


You could use these materials in one or two day workshops according to space in the curriculum.


To explore what is meant by team working in health and social care with respect to your chosen profession and others in relation to promoting person-centred collaborative care.


Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss and analyse your own professional identity
  2. Analyse the theoretical principles relating to effective team working
  3. Describe the health and social care professions and their unique roles and responsibilities in modern care arenas
  4. Evaluate and develop an awareness of professional perspectives
  5. Illustrate the central role of patients/service users in team working
  6. Identify similarities and differences within and across professions
  7. Analyse teamworking to provide solutions to improve the quality of health and social care

About This Resource

These materials have been designed for health and social care students but could be adapted for others. For effective learning it is best to follow the materials in the alphabetical sequence as presented. We have shown how the learning outcomes relate to each teaching resource.

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