Strand Two or Three


For students with developing confidence based on practise experience of communication within their chosen profession


for continued Professional Development

Hours of Learning

the Model can be applied in practice areas with students working together from 2-10 days (16- 80 hours in practice). Additional clinical reading and evaluation of team working 10 hours.


Practice areas either in the community or in hospital Small group interaction with community patients/service users or in-patients. Requires nearby teach-in rooms for reflection away from the clinical unit


To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of learners, to formulate effective interprofessional patient-centred health and social care.


Intended Learning Outcomes

The model can be placed into any clinical area e.g. children, elderly medicine or surgery, community primary or family medicine, mental health. The specific learning outcomes will link to the adaptation of the model for learning in the chosen clinical area. The learning will always align to the following areas:

See: TIGER: Listening workshop; Mental Health; Health in the Community