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Understanding Interprofessional Education:

Materials for Educators

(The term educator refers to teachers who design and deliver professional curriculum and they may work in an academic setting or in a practice setting)

Leading Interprofessional Education

Educators who become involved in interprofessional education (IPE) need to recognise the primacy of learning rather than teaching. In addition they must integrate multiple professional expertises. It is the coming together of these two components which assures a competent IPE teacher. In reality many educators do not have up to date abilities within these two domains. Many are subject experts and authorities within their sphere of expertise. Many have become academics while others remain within their sphere of clinical expertise. Others come into this role through knowledge of teaching and learning. We hope some of the following pages will be helpful whether you perceive yourself as an IPE novice or expert. The term IPE facilitator refers to all those educators who learn with students during IPE events, in a class-room, in a workshop, using e-learning or within practice setting. Many of the materials shared here are from our Master Module entitled, Teaching for Learning: focus interprofessional education (Anderson, ES., Cox, D. and Thorpe, L. ((2009). Preparation of Educators involved in interprofessional education. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 23(1), 81-94. The aims and Intended Learning Outcomes for this module: Click here.

A) Novice Pathway