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Assessment and Evaluation of Interprofessional Education

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There is a scarcity of written evidence about the assessment of interprofessional learning (IPL). There is no doubt that we should measure that future practitioners have the competence for working together reflecting on patient/service users outcomes from within their own and other professions sphere of practice. That students have to work collaboratively and this is likely to increase in time of economic constraint propels the need to measure these abilities. One of the problems is the lack of consensus, between different professional bodies and within the interprofessional education (IPE) academic community, concerning what constitutes interprofessional competence. Many have begun to explore the knowledge skills and attitudes that combine to make a professional truly interprofessional and much of this work in on-going. The starting position is that we need to work towards these agreements as professional bodies in the UK and internationally. (See Faciliator Preparation - Leadership in IPE and Educational research)

We share some of our approaches to the assessment at this stage in our learning journey. We also share the research tools we use to examine the quality of our IPE educational materials. In addition we outline our progress towards researching the impact of our interprofessional curriculum on student learning, faculty development, practitioners and patient/service users. Much of this work is on-going.

B) Evaluation of an Interprofessional Curriculum